Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Union Jack & Polka Dots Mani

Hi all! I just got back from studying abroad/vacationing in Europe and one of my stops there including London.... obsessed. I already loved everything British beforehand, but going to London just solidified my love and obsession with it. So, being on my British high, I of course had to incorporate something British into my nails! For the pink I used Essie's "Mod Square" and for the turquoise I used Essie's "Turquoise & Caicos" ... both great colors for summer too! For the Union Jack, I used a striping brush, and for the polka dots I used Sally Hansen's nail art pens.. both incredibly easy to do! For the Union Jack, I did the "X" first.. a wider base of white, then a thinner stripe of the pink. BE SURE THE WHITE & PINK ARE DRY!! Before doing all of the separate layers, be sure that each color is dry, otherwise there'll be spreading and mixing and it'll just be a big mess. After the X is dry, I did the "+" part of the flag. Again, wider stripes for the white and thin stripes for the pink. Once all is dry, seal it in with your top coat and you're set! It's brilliantly British!! xx

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