Sunday, August 26, 2012

Watermelon Ruffian Mani

So I've been wanting to try the Ruffian manicure recently and thought it would be absolutely perfect to do it as a watermelon!! First I did my base coat, then two coats of Wet N Wild Wild Shine #454D (hot pink) and waited for it to completely dry (I'm talking next day dry). Then I took hole reinforcers and put them against the back of my nail, leaving some space, as this is going to be the green rind. (I used NYC #298 High Line Green and two coats of it.) Then I took a toothpick and black nail polish (preferably a quick-drying one like Wet N Wild Fast Dry #229C Ebony Hates Chris, so it doesn't run when you put a topcoat over it) and made three little "seeds."

Duh I forgot to take a picture of the hole reinforcer on my watermelon nails, but this is how to place it.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Olympic Mani!

So I'm super excited about the Olympics and have been glued to the TV watching as much as possible, so obviously I had to do my nails to show my Olympic spirit! For this mani I used OPI (I think) in Big Apple Red, but I'll double check on that later.. actually I'll check on all the colors later because I have none of the names with me now. Anywho, for the Union Jack, I did two coats of the blue, then did white stripes, and then did the red. For my Olympic ring nails I used, get this: straws. Such a smart idea, right?! A tip though, (that I got from Seventeen's post) is to coat the ends of the straws with the nail polish to get a thicker circle.. worked perf. For my gold nail I used gold foil that I got at Michael's and oh my gosh it's such a pain, but I think totally worth it. It's extremely fragile and wrinkle and rip prone, so I used a tip from the Beauty Department to pick it up with a wet q-tip and wound up smoothing the foil with it also, but as you can kinda see, it doesn't smooth that well. Before I cut the piece of foil, I did one coat of my base coat (I got this new one that I'm obsessed with.. it really helps prevent chipping!) and waited a little for it to get tacky. To finish off I did a topcoat, of course, but beware! Some of the colors run, as you can kinda see on the Olympic rings with the red and black. Hope everybody is getting into the Olympic spirit and rooting for their country! Go USA!